Woman Working At Drive-Through Coffee Shop Takes Pictures Of Every Single Dog Who Comes By

“It’s a big part of their little world and I love being a part of that!”

Charity Jesionowski is a huge animal lover, and so when she first started working at a local drive-through coffee stand about six months ago, she was delighted when she realized just how many dogs pass through the drive-through with their owners every single day.

“I live in a very dog-friendly community so if I had to guess, I see about 30 dogs a day,” Jesionowski told The Dodo.Jesionowski very quickly began learning all of the regular dogs’ names, and soon got into the habit of taking pictures of all her furry customers —

a habit she has kept up with every day that she’s at work.“Sometimes it gets busy so I don’t have time to take pictures of all of them but we ALWAYS make sure they get a treat,” Jesionowski said.Of course, the animal lover makes sure that her photo-taking never gets

in the way of her job, and is able to work in her mini photo shoots throughout the day, in between coffee-making and treat-giving.The dogs who pass through the coffee stand come in all different looks and sizes … but are all just as excited to see

Jesionowski and her coworkers and to get some well-deserved treats.“There are regulars who always bring their dog with them and we always greet the dog by name,” Jesionowski said. “More often we know the dog’s name and not the human’s.

There is the English bulldog named ‘Richie’ and he knows I am the one who gives him treats so when he comes in he just stares at me and no one else.”From puppies … to very large dogs … to packs of dogs… to overly eager dogs, Jesionowski loves them all,

and can’t help but snap adorable photos of their sweet faces as they wait for treats and lots of loving words.“I am a dog person through and through so I make it personal about making sure all the doggos get treats,” Jesionowski said. “It’s a big part of their little world and I love being a part of that!”