The 49-year-old kind veterinarian Dr. Stewart walks on California streets to help homeless peoples’ animals free of charge

Kwane Stewart’s big heart is one of the kind contributors t save our planet.

The 49-year-old veterinarian loves his work and his surroundings so much that he decided to help people and their animals first of all just for fun. While others think of their money, Dr. Stewart did this for free and didn’t regret it.

He began his humanitarian work in 2011 when the number of stray animals reached to its peak. He began walking in the streets and finding animals who needed vet’s help but didn’t have money for it. The kind-hearted veterinarian chose

those people who truly loved their animals but couldn’t afford to take the animal to the vet clinic.The man heard many touching stories during his walks in teh streets of

California and this inspired him to continuewhat he had started. He opened a GoFundMe page and asked for help as each penny could save an animal life and cold give them chance to live healthy.