Sick Pooch Can’t Eat So His Owners Create Special Chair To Help Her Flourish

If we have pets we are responsible for them and we should make everything to make their life easier and better.

When the family discovered that Daisy had some health issues they took the dog to the vet clinic. It turned out that the dog was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. It meant that the esophagus is enlarged and it creates a condition known as

megaesophagus. The dog couldn’t eat and as to vets, she would soon die. But her owners thought in another way.They prepared a chair special for the dog to keep her body in an upright position. Grace and Doug Jones, and their 4 children

either had to put the dog to sleep or keep her. So they decided to keep the dog as Daisy had been living with the family for a long time and they couldn’t just let her go so easily.

16 months after her diagnosis Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge but the family was sure that the dog lived a happy and satisfied life with them.