Deaf dog kisses his owner after being found: a heartbreaking story

Lex was a deaf dog living with his deaf owner John Rollins in Illinois, USA.

One day the dog wanted to play in the backyard of his house and the owner found nothing dangerous and let him go.But the dog escaped and got lost. The man was waiting for him but the dog didn’t return. As he was deaf you couldn’t call for

his name so the only thing was his collar with GPS that could lead to the dog.The man checked the app on his phone and discovered that the dog was on another street. He rushed there and noticed a dog playing in another garden. The people

standing there asked the man whether it was his dog and the man nodded.It was the most heart-touching reunion that those people at the yard have ever seen. So it is highly recommended that every dog has a GPS with him no matter whether the dog is deaf or not.