The couple was warned not to have children: now their generation continues in front of thousands of people

Australian married couple don’t consider themselves special. They walk, go to the gym, use social networks.

Charlie and Cullen already have a little daughter, and soon they will have another baby.

On Instagram, they often receive not the most pleasant comments and messages. They are accused of irresponsibility towards their children.

The fact is that both spouses are dwarfs. The growth of 28-year-old Charlie is 127 sentiments, and that of 38-year-old Cullen is 137.

The guy has a hereditary dwarfism, and the girl has a rare health problem. The heredity of both is not the most favorable.

But it happened just as the doctors predicted. The two-year-old daughter suffers from the same disease as her mother. It is called “achondroplasia” – underdevelopment of long bones.

He will have problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Bone growth will also be impaired.

Despite this, they are full of optimism. They do not despair because of their own growth and not the best health. They say that they are the same people as everyone else!

They try not to pay attention to criticism and hope that everything will be fine with the children in the future.

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