Family Gifted Service Dog For Child With Speech Disorder

Taylor Wallace let her mother Sara know that she was ready to leave for lunch with her new buddy and that she was also rather hungry.

She held George, a tall, black Goldendoodle dog, tightly as she made her way to the garage to put on her boots. The previous day, Taylor had her new service animal for the first time.Taylor devoted the entire morning to George, lying on the floor with him, pressing her nose against his,

stroking him, and attempting to feed him more treats.“Taylor’s had a huge smile on her face,” Sara said. “It’s been fun, but a bit of a learning curve trying to get them to bond, and it’s a lot of work. They were both really tired yesterday.”The Wallace family was nominated for a service

dog by 4E Kennels Healing Hearts, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Las Vegas that trains and matches service and therapy dogs with people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety as well as children with disabilities. The Wallaces were awarded George this week. The Engelstad

Foundation funded George’s placement with the Wallaces.Additionally, 4E Kennels Healing Hearts trains service animals for establishments including courts, schools, and funeral homes. According to Jeanette Forrey of the group, they have adopted over 30 dogs around the

nation.Taylor, who has apraxia, a speech-sound issue, will receive individual attention from George. Apraxia of speech patients has difficulty expressing their desires clearly and consistently, which can lead to frustration and temper tantrums.George is also trained to put himself

between his owner and other persons in public settings by body blocking. When Taylor becomes agitated, that makes her feel better.Sara remarked, “We’re looking for someone to help her refocus.” “With the hurdles to communication, it will still happen.”Taylor became frustrated

earlier on Thursday morning as she struggled to communicate with her parents. She started stroking George as soon as he walked up to her.Sara is hoping that the connection would enable her to acquire and master new vocabulary terms. Taylor’s vocabulary ranges from 12 to 20

words and names when she is at home, but Sara noted that at speech therapy, her pool is a little larger.Forrey is working with the Wallaces during the transition for three days while he is in Missoula. Taylor and the 4E Kennels Healing Hearts staff focused on forging a connection with

George on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, the group went out to eat before going to Taylor’s speech therapy appointment. This was their first public outing.Forrey claimed that it takes her dogs around three weeks to acclimate fully to a new family and house.

Because of their trainability, work ethic, and laid-back nature, she produces and trains goldendoodles.Taylor, who is in seventh grade, will eventually go to school with George in Clinton.