Dog Gives A Dramatic Performance Every Time She’s Hungry

«She’s basically obsessed with carrying bowls.”

When Mya first came home with Briana Maiola as a foster, she refused to eat.The brindle pittie was in rough shape after fending for herself on the streets of Rochester, New York, and was suffering from numerous health issues. Slowly, Mya began to heal — and her appetite returned in a big

way.“She hated food. We had to force-feed her for months until I decided to try a raw diet,” Maiola told The Dodo. “She loved the raw food and started dancing with her bowl!”The now 3-year-old dog loves to eat and isn’t afraid to show it.To get her mom’s attention, Mya picks up her food

bowls and carries them around the house. “She likes to bring them all over, outside, inside … we find bowls everywhere,” Maiola said. “She picks up bowls for snacks or attention. She’s basically obsessed with carrying bowls.”The insistent dog won’t let a day go by without reminding her

mom when it’s mealtime. And she has a special dance to show just how excited she is about it.“She’s very dramatic,” Maiola said. “Always chatting with a bowl in her mouth for snacks [and] wiggling her booty until she can’t walk straight!”Mya can be pretty demanding if her mom is

late feeding her — but after all Mya has been through, Maiola doesn’t mind her enthusiasm when it comes to food.“Every morning, she throws her bowls against the bedroom door if we are late getting up and talks like a little Chewbacca until we feed her,” Maiola said. “Some people

might find this annoying, but I will never take her appetite for granted!”When Mya isn’t performing her food bowl dance, she can be found snuggling her dog sister, keeping her older dog brother young, or being a total mama’s girl.“Every day she makes life better,” Maiola said. “She’s the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing.”