Coast Guard Saves A Puppy And Flood Victims Of Hurricane Ian

On Thursday, a dog and its human companions were safe.

Residents of Sanibel were rescued by Coast Guard aircraft when Ian destroyed Southwest Florida.After the Category 4 hurricane devastated the causeway, Sanibel Island was cut off from the rest of Florida.

While searching the island, a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin aircrew discovered the two and the dog.All storm victims were transported back to the mainland for safety.In a press conference held Thursday evening,

Mayor Holly Smith stated that rescue efforts are still in progress because 200 households opted not to leave.“Today, the most important thing we had to focus on were the people that were on the island

that needed to get off. That was our number one priority.” Mayor Smith.The 12 people who were discovered injured on Sanibel Island were among the numerous rescues carried out by the Coast Guard.