Despite Mom Breaking Her Ankle, The Rescue Dog Insists On Stumbling Down The Stairs

Rico enjoys participating in all of Ashley Hall’s activities.

The 4-year-old husky mix responded just like he always had when Hall slipped on the stairway and hurt her foot, and the outcome was priceless.Rico began imitating me “almost immediately,” Hall remarked to The Dodo.

And despite the fact that I’m going a little too quickly down the stairs, he is still being too careful. He took exactly 32 seconds to descend the stairs in their entirety.Hall noticed Rico making the identical motion each time

and recorded the amusing scene as proof.Rico’s portrayal of Hall can be seen here:Although Hall has now healed, Rico still follows the same pattern each time he descends the stairs. Rico finds no reason to change his

devotion to the task at hand.After being taken in as a stray from Puerto Rico by the rescue, Hall adopted the comical puppy from Island Dog Inc.huskyHall claimed, “I saw his image on Facebook and fell in love right away.

He’s very kind and sweet. Never has he met a person or animal that he didn’t adore! ”The way Rico descends the stairs may never be the same again, but at least he’s making his new family laugh in the process.