The Obsession Of Sneaky Pittie Is Stealing Her Mother’s Pumpkin

A while back, Alison Lewis brought a sizable pumpkin from the grocery store home with the intention of making soup.

zWhen Lilly and Max, her dogs, saw the orange squash, they immediately stopped running to welcome her. The Dodo quoted Lewis as saying, “I set down the pumpkin and their expression was great because they had never seen a pumpkin before.”

Lewis pulled out her phone to capture the amusing responses of her dogs, but as soon as she looked around, Lilly had taken the pumpkin.Lilly refused to give up the gourd even after being caught in the act and threw it down the stairs to get away from her mother.

Fortunately, the pumpkin did not shatter upon impact, which Lilly interpreted as permission to continue playing.Lilly was unaware that pumpkin is a safe food for dogs and a great source of fiber and vitamins for puppies, whether it is eaten raw or cooked.

Lewis remarked, “She believed it was a ball. She was chasing it around and licking it, and she was certain it belonged to her.You can see Lilly stealing a pumpkin here:Lewis took the pumpkin away from Lilly as she was rolling it around the yard while waggling her tail.

She couldn’t blame Lilly for being intrigued by the squishy object because it resembled a ball, which was Lilly’s favorite toy.Any object that is round and throwable is all Lilly ever does, according to Lewis. She has an obsession.To Lilly’s dismay,

Lewis brought the pumpkin back inside and sliced it in half before roasting it for her soup.But Lilly need not be concerned. As Halloween drew near, Lewis made plans to stock up on pumpkins for both herself and her dogs.