Man Reunites With Dog He Saved Two Years Ago And Is Astounded By Her Transformation

In the early months of 2020, Kieran Hedley was out with a buddy in Bali,

Indonesia, when it began to rain. As they entered the local temple where they sought refuge, they heard music and dancing.Hedley heard a small dog, covered in scabs, staying close to a ripped piece of cardboard on the ground amid the noise.Hedley realized he had to assist her.

I thought it was urgent,” he admitted to The Dodo.Hedley believed the dog was a stray who had been left near the cardboard and was staying put obediently in the hopes that her owner would come for her.His heart ached for the abandoned dog. Hedley called a friend at Bali Paws,

a group that rehomes stray animals, to try and figure out what to do. Hedley wrapped the puppy in his T-shirt and brought her back to the villa where he was staying, content in the knowledge that he had professional assistance on his side.He started referring to her as Bubbles

as soon as he realized how effervescent she was.Bubbles received the essential vaccinations and treatment for her skin condition thanks to Bali Paws. Hedley assisted Bubbles in adjusting to living with people who cared for her during the first two weeks she spent in the villa.

Hedley recalled that the first two weeks were some of his most motivational days. I slept off while observing this adorable dog since it was so shy, fearful, scared, and frail.Bubbles quickly developed confidence. The dog that had formerly cowered in the corner was now constantly

demanding fun.About two months later, Hedley was forced to make the tough choice to leave Bali as the COVID-19 outbreak grew serious. Bubbles couldn’t go with him, so he rushed to find her a stable, devoted family.Hedley eventually came across a woman who was

excited about the potential of making a new friend and was traveling to Bali from her home in Italy. During the woman’s final days in Bali, she got to know Bubbles, and eventually, the two of them made their way back to Italy.When Bubbles and Hedley met up again in

Italy two years later, she felt at ease around her old friend and started licking him. How far the small puppy had come astounded Hedley.Getting to meet Bubbles again was “an extremely amazing moment, one of the most beautiful times in my life,” Hedley remarked. She “totally

changed.”Hedley is to thank Bubbles’ current success with her new family. Hedley will always remember the adorable puppy who overcame all odds.Hedley remarked, “She transformed my life in a really wonderful way.” “Every time I think of her, she motivates me continually.”