Illinois Rescue Searching for a Home for ‘Sweet’ Senior Rescue Dog Who Adores Getting Tucked in

Due to a no-kill animal shelter in Illinois sharing Sandy’s tale on social media,

she is now getting love from all over the country, but she is still looking for a home.Sandy, who is said to be 10 years old, was shown being gently tucked in by a shelter volunteer in a video uploaded on Facebook by Erin Buckmaster, the director of the Knox County

Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois, on September 14.While utilizing the shelter’s cameras to check on the animals, Buckmaster told PEOPLE that she first noticed the video she used in the post.“I happened to check on Sandy’s [camera] and saw them tucking her in,”

the director said.“It was just touching, and Sandy is so sweet,” she added on why she chose to share the moment on social media.To aid with Sandy’s adoption, Buckmaster also forwarded the Facebook post that included multiple images of the senior dog curled up in blankets.

Sandy has been there for a year, so Buckmaster said, “I would love if she could get adopted.” He said that often adopters neglect older animals in favor of pups.For the director, who opts to volunteer in lieu of receiving compensation for her position, witnessing her shelter

animals find their forever homes is precious.According to Buckmaster, “I get compensated in adoptions of the cats and dogs, and a dog like Sandy would be a fantastic victory.”Sandy anticipates being tucked in every night, therefore Sandy’s potential pet parents should

be aware of this. The staff at the Knox County Humane Society is delighted to accommodate the dog, and it appears that others may be as well. The organization is unsure of how the dog picked up the endearing behavior.Since the Facebook post featuring Sandy,

Buckmaster said she has “gotten calls from all over for Sandy.” Hopefully, one of those interested callers will be her perfect match.Sandy’s ideal adopter is a family that lives in a home with older

children (over 7) and no cats. Animal lovers interested in adopting Sandy or contributing to Knox County Humane Society’s lifesaving work should visit the shelter’s website.