EMT Takes In Heartbroken Dog He Meets On The Hospital Way

Sammy adored her father above all else.

The 12-week-old Doberman mix had only just begun her life with him when he suddenly passed.Fortunately, two sympathetic EMTs in Fort Worth, Texas, stepped in to assist, improving everyone’s quality of life.Tegan Sliva, the EMT who attended the call, said,

“I noticed the puppy cuddled up next to the patient, so I picked her up. The puppy was crying in my arms.”Sammy did not want to leave the only family she had ever known because she was heartbroken and terrified. Sammy had nowhere to go. Sliva and her EMT partner Kirk found her,

and they could not let that be her fate, so they took her in.“We took her to the ambulance while we were putting our equipment away,” Sliva said. “We cleaned her up with wet wipes because she was covered in dust, and we gave her water.”Kirk’s girlfriend watched

Sammy while he finished his task. However, Sammy had found her new family before the end of the evening.Sammy’s rescue can be seen here:Sammy experienced a horrible loss that day, but things quickly improved.“She is now Kirk’s dog

and has a big sister named Kaley,” Sliva said. “She is very playful and loves to run with her. She is loving life.”Sammy’s life will always be filled with memories of her father, but for now, she has a second chance to create new ones.