Dog Always Brings A Leaf To ‘Buy’ Himself Treats At The Store

Some canines demand treats. This intelligent dog pays for his.

A lovely black puppy named Negro has been living on the campus of Colombia’s Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare for the past few years. He acts in a guardian-like capacity there, keeping an eye on things as the kids go about their studies.

The school staff looks after Negro in exchange by giving him food, water, attention, and a secure place to spend the night with them.But it appears that the dog has determined that whatever after that is up to him.Negro became familiar with the small campus shop early in his time

there, where students congregate to buy stuff during their breaks; they would occasionally buy him cookies from the shop.Evidently, this is where the dog first became aware of commerce and made the decision to engage in it.Teacher Angela Garcia Bernal told

The Dodo that he would go to the store and observe the kids exchange money for goods. Then, one day, out of the blue, he showed up holding a leaf in his jaws, wagging his tail, and asking for a biscuit.Negro had created his own money, but it was of course acknowledged.

He received a cookie, along with insight.A leaf may purchase sweets!It has become a common occurrence ever since the dog realized that his money actually grows on trees.According to veteran store employee Gladys Barreto, “He comes for cookies every day.”

He makes this transaction every day, and he always pays with a leaf.Here is a video showing Negro at work.Even more amazing, the shrewd dog has been doing this for years. The staff restricts his purchases to just a few per day and makes sure he only receives dog-safe snacks (to stave off

inflation in both the leafy currency and his waistline).However, it’s still impressive to see.You almost want to cry when you first see it, Bernal remarked. “He’s highly brilliant, and he’s discovered a way to make himself understood.”