Little dog makes sure wife knows that husband belongs to her

Sometimes, our pets can get a little jealous and overprotective of us- especially around new people.

Your pet might not like you directing your attention elsewhere, or they may worry that another person is going to come and ‘steal’ you.This is particularly common when it comes to dating and new relationships, but what happens when you’re a married couple, and your dog still gets

jealous?Well that’s exactly what happened to one married couple, when despite them raising their dog together from a puppy, the dog developed an affection towards one particular person: the husband. The possessive little dog decided that he was all for her- and doesn’t like it

one bit when the wife tries to show some affection to her husband! The couple documented their dog’s possessiveness in some hilarious pictures and videos, and we just knew that we’d have to share them with you.Alicia and Nathan McNeese have a great marriage, but there’s just

one person who’s always trying to get between them: their chihuahua named Bristol. The little dog developed an affection for Nathan from the minute she met him, and since then, it’s been all about him. In fact, oftentimes, Alicia can’t get much of a look in.“Her go-to person is my

husband,” Alicia told The Dodo. “The bond that they have is incredible.”Bristol lets her connection with Nathan be known, by basically never leaving his side. The little dog snuggles up on her dad’s shoulder, follows him around like a sheep and is even the little spoon when they go to

bed! Hilariously, she often takes Alicia’s space in bed, in the hopes that Alicia will find another spot to kip in. But the tiny pup doesn’t take up much space, so luckily, Alicia is still able to share the bed with her husband.Apparently, whenever Bristol is having cuddles with Nathan, she

throws Alicia a look which says loud and clear: “‘Sorry, Mom, he is my man.” What a cheeky pup!If Alicia attempts to give her husband some attention, it’s guaranteed that Bristol will be straight on her back. Alicia managed to capture one hilarious moment on camera, and she shared it

onto her TikTok account for everyone to see. In the video, Alicia begins by resting her head affectionately onto Nathans shoulder.But as she lifts up her head, another little face comes into view behind her. It’s Bristol, and the pup clearly isn’t happy about Alicia’s moment of affection. The

funny little dog throws Alicia one of the sassiest looks we’ve ever seen, before resting her own head onto Nathan’s shoulder.Explaining what happened in the video, Alicia said,“At first, my head was resting on my husband’s shoulder. When I lifted my head she replaced it with hers.” She

added, “I think she was thinking, ‘He’s my human. Move on over, Mom.”To Alicia’s credit, when asked about her relationship with Bristol, she manages to find some positives.“She is sweet,”

she said, adding: “When she wants to be.”And as for her husband Nathan? Apparently he “soaks it all up.” We bet he does!Please SHARE this with your friends and family.