Couple On A Road Trip Finds Lonely Dog At Gas Station, Dog Begs Them To Help Her

Emily Trost and her boyfriend Nick Mazzone were on a 10-week-long road trip across the country.

But a stop to fuel-up at a gas station in Montana changed their lives. As they were about to leave, they found a lonely, abandoned dog waiting by their car and begging for help.Emily and Nick checked on the stray dog, and she looked back at them with longing eyes instead.

Emily quickly jumped to help when she noticed that the dog’s coat was filthy and covered in thorns and twigs. A local woman who fed the area’s strays approached the couple and requested them to rescue the sweet dog.Charmed by the loving dog,

Emily and Nick decided to let her ride along with them for the remainder of their trip. They named her “Montana”, and planned to contact a rescue group once they reached home. But within minutes of their ride with Montana, the couple knew she was coming home with

them!Throughout the trip, Montana showered her saviors with the sweetest hugs and kisses. She hiked and swam with them, and was smart enough to know that wherever they put up the tent was “home”!

Today, Montana lives with Emily, Nick and her siblings in her new home, and she is already an inseparable part of their family. Looks like they found a treasure on their trip!