Sweetest Hug Ever, Man Finally Reunites With His Stolen Dog Jolene

Aaron Morris went into a Dollar General on Friday and bought a few things at the store.

He had his service dog with himself but Aaron left Jolene outside.Something bad happened at that time because someone had been following him.When he returned after a few brief minutes, his car was gone, along with nearly everything he owned,

including Jolene. It was the first time in six years he’d been without her, and he didn’t know what to do.Morris shared a post to his Facebook and wrote: “People in the North Carolina area keep an eye out, and Tennessee area, my poor little girl and my uncle’s car were stolen.

The car’s a 2007 dark blue buick lucerne. They stole my phone, most of my belongings and my baby girl. I’m sure my uncle can agree, we just want the puppy back.”Morris was so sad and all he wanted was Jolene. He didn’t care about anything else like his phone or whatever.

Nearby, at the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee, a brown Lab/pit bull mix was dropped off by a Good Samaritan. She’d been found as a stray wandering the streets, but the shelter workers noticed she was still wearing a pink collar and tag.

Actually it was Jolene. Since his phone had been stolen along with his car, the only solution to find Jolene was social media.Thanks to that, Jolene and Morris were very happy because they found each other again.When Jolene saw Morris, she ran up to give him a kiss.